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Simply Strength

By: Brian Betancourt Edited By: Rebecca Raskin Strength is one of the fundamental stepping stones that holds all other aspects of function together. You want to move stuff? Get stronger. You want to run farther, faster? Get stronger. Heck, you want to be more efficient? Get stronger. So how do we get stronger? Or a …

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It’s All About Power

By: Brian Betancourt Edited by: Rebecca Raskin In the honor of Star Wars, I want to go over Emperor Palpatine’s favorite performance variable. That’s right, I want to talk about POWER! What is power? Why train power? And how do you train power?   So what is power? Power is not strength. Power is, as …

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The Fat Burning Zone

By: Brian Betancourt M.S Edited By: Rebecca Raskin The possibility of weight loss draws many people to exercise. One thing that many fitness professionals talk about utilizing, in regards to weight loss, is a concept called the “fat burning zone.” The “fat burning zone” is a concept that comes from good old exercise science. The …

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How to Select a Health and Fitness Professional

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It is both a preventive medicine, a deterrent of metabolic disease, and a means to improve athletic performance. It is a growing field filled with educated professionals who hold accredited certifications and degrees ranging from bachelors to doctorates. They study concepts related to exercise physiology, bio-energetics, …

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About The Company

Exerscience Fitness is dedicated to improving the quality of professional health and fitness services offered to the community. We provide insight and knowledge to the fitness professional, and provide the most effective and efficient long term solution for everyone’s personal health and fitness needs.

Our Staff

Every member of our staff has, at least, a bachelors in Exercise Science or related field, along with a gold standard secondary certification (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist or Certified Exercise Physiologist).


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